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Emily believes that we need to prioritize funding improving and repairing our infrastructure, as well as services that will help our communities thrive.
Job Creation
Emily believes that we need to invest in local businesses and encourage green energy jobs
Living Wage
Emily believes that we not only do we need to provide people with a living wage, but also a thriving wage. A $15/hour wage is a good first step, but further steps need to be taken to help people live and not just get by.
Small Business
Emily will fight for smart business growth in the district, including support for small businesses. She believes that we need to close loopholes that corporations use to avoid paying taxes that small businesses are forced to pay to make up the shortfall.
Tax Policy
Emily believes that we have no more tax programs that benefit the rich at the expense of the working people.


Charter Schools
Emily believes that charter schools take resources away from our already underfunded public schools, and she does not support them.
Higher Education
Emily will fight for reform the system that saddles our young people with crushing debt so that higher education remains an option for all that want to pursue it.
Trade Schools & Vocational Education
Emily believes that more awareness and accessibility needs to be made for trade schools and vocational education. Programs for adults that may be struggling to find work need to be connected with trades that are desperate for people to join their forces.


Climate Change
Emily believes that climate change is probably the largest issue we all face today, and it overlaps almost all other issues in some way. She will pursue aggressive solutions so there is a world to be passed on to our children. Emily has been endorsed by the Environmental League of Massachusetts
Energy Policy
Emily is a strong supporter of adopting new and environmentally friendly energy policies, and knows that there are many possible financial incentives for alternative energy support. Emily will work hard to make these incentives available to the community.
Environmental Protection
Emily believes that we need to do all we can to maintain our open spaces and protect the resources and wildlife we have left.


Campaign Finance Reform
Emily is for finance reform and support overturning citizens united.
Emily believes that we need to end partisan gerrymandering, and create an independent non-partisan commission to redraw districts that are fair and make sense for all constituents in Massachusetts.
Opinion of Trump
Emily does not support Trump. And also believes that we need to start at the local level, and fill politics with people who are invested in their communities and their neighbors and who are truly trying to make a positive change.
Term Limits
Emily believes term limits could be a benefit for most positions in government. Especially if there was campaign finance reform and running for office was made more accessible for people wishing to run.


Emily is pro choice and will fight to make sure the women of Massachusetts continue to have that choice.
Emily supports Medicare for all in order to make healthcare accessible to all Americans.
Emily supports Medicare for all in order to make healthcare affordable to all Americans.
Marijuana (Medical)
Medicinal use is legal in Massachusetts and Emily supports that. She also believes that we need to look at all of the people who are in prison for marijuana offenses and work on getting them released.
Opioid Epidemic
Emily will fight for a holistic, fact-based approach to ending the opioid crisis, because she knows that treating the symptoms and supporting families torn apart by addiction is as important as defeating the disease itself.
Reproductive Rights
Emily believes that we need a consent based sex education program in our schools, and all people need affordable access to family planning services and birth control.


Emily believes that we are fortunate to live in a relatively affordable area, but we also need to make sure affordable housing remains available so residents are not forced to move away which reduces the economic strength and vitality of our community.
Emily wants to explore creating an area of ‘tiny homes’, or converting some of the empty mall space or other empty buildings in the city into homes and make them available for homeless folks. Emily also wants to start a program that gives them access to healthcare (mental, as well). A person with a semblance of stability has a better chance of reentering the workforce, and improving their lives.


LGBTQ Rights
Emily believes that wee are not equal until all of us are equal, and will fight to maintain, protect, increase equality
Criminal Justice Reform
Emily believes that our criminal justice system needs a complete overhaul. The school to prison pipeline and the for-profit prisons must be eliminated. We need to do better and I will fight for improvement.


Net Neutrality
Emily believes that Net Neutrality is crucial to maintain as we move towards a future that is more and more dependent on technology.
Repair & Modernization
Emily will fight for the South Coast Rail to come through Taunton, because she knows that better access to public transportation will reduce the burden of commuting and build a stronger connection to the economic centers of the state.


Emily believes that immigration reform is long overdue.
Family Separation & Detention
Emily believes that it never should have happened, it needs to end, and it needs to never happen again.


Gun Safety
Emily is a Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction and supporst common sense gun laws.
Marijuana (Recreational)
Recreational use is legal in Massachusetts and Emily supports that. She also believes that we need to look at all of the people who are in prison for marijuana offenses and work on getting them released.

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