How I met Emily Farrer

Hello, my fellow Emily Farrer supporters, my name is Francesca Simon-Carboni.

I met Emily in the most 21st century way possible, on the internet. Newly engaged, I was spending a lot of time planning my wedding online. I found a group where brides got together and blog about our planning. Emily was a member of that group too and we were getting married on the same day and in the same town! A friendship was born.

A great person to work with

A few years later I began to photograph weddings part-time. Turns out Emily was doing the same and hired me to help her at a wedding. What an event that was! The plan was for a lovely simple outdoor wedding. The weather had other ideas; it poured. There were guests running to keep dry, caterers slipping on muddy paths, and everything was wet. Clearly the ceremony was not happening outside. It moved to the reception tent. No wait, maybe outside. No no it was inside the barn. Emily didn’t let these changes fluster her. She adjusted and didn’t let her frustrations or worries show. Her attitude of ‘going with the flow’ kept me afloat. Despite the chaos I knew we could still do our job, even if not the way we had planned. We even had a few laughs during it all.

Once Emily posted our photos for the couple, we found our photography styles complemented each other well. And we both liked working together. Our friendship had now grown into a photography partnership too. We’ve worked together several times now, including at a wedding in Fenway Park. Getting a message from Em that she needs me to photograph with her is always a little thrill. I clear my calendar, gather up my gear, and know there’s going to be a fun day ahead with my friend.

In a sense, that thrill was the same reaction I had when she told me she was planning to run for State Representative. I didn’t hesitate at all, I replied to her “What can I do?”. Shortly there after my title became, Treasurer of the Committee to Elect Emily Farrer.

Continuing the story

Seeing as Emily and I met on the internet, we feel it’s only fitting that I contribute to her campaign blog. I look forward to continuing the work to elect Emily as State Representative of the Bristol Third district and sharing our stories, and hopefully a laugh, with you.

Emily and Fran at Fenway

Francesca Simon-Carboni (left) and Emily Farrer (right) grabbing a quick selfie while photographing a wedding at Fenway Park in 2014