On August 2nd, my first baby turned 9.

To help celebrate, I took her two younger sisters to Target to pick out her birthday presents. I told them the budget and they were adorably excited to pick out their sister’s favorite things. When we came in way over budget we combed through chosen items carefully and narrowed it down; compromising on the perfect gifts.

My 6 year old had picked out slime that was out of its packaging, so I grabbed a different color for the cashier to scan. My 3 year old proudly showed me that she sealed the card she picked out, without any help and unsigned, in the card aisle. So I grabbed another card for scanning purposes. It was finally time to check out, and I explained the stand in scan items to the cashier and she said “Wow Mom! You’re prepared!” And I went from surprised to, “Yeah! Maybe I am!”

Parenthood has taught me so much. When to stand firm, when to compromise. That there are often more than two sides to a story. How to advocate for what’s important. And that sometimes things might not go how you planned, but if you work together it can still be Awesome.